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If you've come here looking for answers to your frustrations about how to: 

Shed unwanted pounds while managing the chaos of Motherhood 


Still find the time to still feed your family healthy food 

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Are you tired of being stressed out or always in a hurry?  

Do you feel like the ONLY Mom you know who relies on macaroni and cheese dinners just to get through the week?

Does the idea of beautifully made Organic dinners on Pinterest make your eyes roll 

or make you feel like you're just not good enough?

(I mean really, who’s got time for that)!?!

Do you know that you should be eating healthy, but you don’t have one more minute to do anything more than the million other things you already do?!

If so, then I invite you to learn some 

simple, easy-to-understand and stress-free steps 

I teach my own clients to 

Ditch The Junk


Step-by-Step instructions I’ve already figured out the hard stuff, so you don’t have to!!! ✔A daily guide sent to your inbox each day to explain each step…it’s like having your own personal Nutrition Coach ✔Simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand, my guide walks you through the process from purging your cupboards, creating a shopping list, meal planning and more! ✔Move at your own pace! I get it! I'm a Mom! Life gets busy! And although there are times we wish we could hit the pause button, with my done-for-you guide, you actually CAN!

This ten step process can be stopped or started at any time until you’re ready to progress 

and takes less than 10 minutes per day! 



At the end of the 10 days, you'll receive the full "Ditch the Junk" Done-For-You Guide in a beautiful PDF format, that you can save to your computer or print and keep...FOREVER!

No more running around the store trying to figure out what to buy!Say goodbye to coming home with a bunch of random ingredients and no idea what to make! ✔Free up time so you can do more of what matters to you! ✔Amaze your husband, your girlfriends (and even your Mother-in-law) with your effortless organizational skills! Gone are the days of recipe overload!Say goodbye forever to last-minute take-out and unhealthy food choices!Feel good about feeding your family delicious food that also happens to be healthy! ✔Watch how your own body changes with increased energy, decreased cravings and a diminishing waist line!

YES! That's right! My 

"Ditch the Junk" Done-For-You Guide 

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“And THIS ladies and gentlemen is what can happen when you hire Trish to help you clean up your nutrition! No cleanse, no detox, no special protein or other pills or wraps. Just good healthy, portioned controlled food! Not once did I feel deprived. Yes, I enjoyed indulgences such as pizza and chocolate a few times – even went on vacation. STOP buying into the hype of this product or that product…the secret to fat loss/weight loss is YOU! Thank you Trish!”

Jenn M., Mom of 2, N.J.

"I can already feel {changes} happening for me after 8 weeks! I never want to go back to my sugar eating lazy ways!! I thought I was jut getting old! Turns out I was making myself feel old! Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so so much Trish!! Your program was so wonderful and easy to follow, you're a life changer 💕

Suzie H., Mom of 2, C.A.

About Trish:

Trish Marmo is a Registered Nurse of 25 years, Certified Fitness Nutritionist, and Health &Wellness Coach, dedicated to promoting healthy choices and a balanced lifestyle. When she's not helping Moms become their best selves, Trish is busy raising her five (5) children. She enjoys sunny days at the beach, hiking with her family and lifting weights.

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